A tale of two bookcases

It’s been a while since I’ve done any woodworking, but I was able to change that recently by building a couple of bookcases for our kids’ books. I’d long been hoping to make the boarded bookshelf from The Anarchist’s Design Book by Christopher Schwartz, since it looked like a pretty straightforward build. I ended up… Continue reading A tale of two bookcases

Return to Falcon Lake

We went back to Falcon Lake for a few days last weekend, so first things first, here’s Picnic Island in all its autumnal glory. I’d also like to take this opportunity to highlight the water on the dock – the lake was very cold, but we got in every single day, yay us: Here’s a… Continue reading Return to Falcon Lake

Spruce Woods Yurts

We had a couple of camping trips lined up for a couple of weekends in August, but the weather was looking unpleasant, so we ended up cancelling. There’s something about sitting in a tent in 80 km/h winds – or not sitting in a tent because you’re trying to rescue your eating tent from being… Continue reading Spruce Woods Yurts

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Planned Obsolescence

A couple of weeks ago I made an appointment with Apple to get the battery on an old Macbook Air replaced. I like that laptop a lot: the keyboard doesn’t suck, it actually has more than one external port, and it’s capable enough for work purposes. Still, Apple is Apple, and so the latest Xcode… Continue reading Planned Obsolescence

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Bye Bye Blue Bird

I think I’m mostly done with Twitter. My reasons for this are in no way unique – they amount, more or less, to the standard criticisms of Twitter that have been expressed many times over. It has evolved to the point where my timeline consisted mostly of promoted tweets; suggested topics (based on a laughably… Continue reading Bye Bye Blue Bird