Return to Falcon Lake

We went back to Falcon Lake for a few days last weekend, so first things first, here’s Picnic Island in all its autumnal glory. I’d also like to take this opportunity to highlight the water on the dock – the lake was very cold, but we got in every single day, yay us:

Here’s a bonus second shot of Picnic Island from our very foggy last morning:

The fall bird-watching was nice – not tons to see, but a few that I had never seen before: Canada Jays, a Ruffed Grouse right outside our rental cottage, Red-breaster Mergansers. On top of that were the standard Loons on the lake and a Bald Eagle hanging out on Eagle Island (cliché, I know), and in non-bird sightings this time around not one but two muskrats swam by the dock one morning. We also tried a new hiking trail, which looks to be replete with blueberry bushes, so that bodes well for next summer’s return to Falcon Lake (yes, we go there a lot).

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